Fishing for the Top Spot

Hello everyone. My name is Jackie Berardesca and I am entering my senior year at Temple University.

Hello everyone. My name is Jackie Berardesca and I am entering my senior year at Temple University. When I picked advertising as my major, I never expected to love the journey as much as I did. Every class I took was leading me to this wonderful opportunity at SEO Digital.

I was offered an internship at SEO Digital Group and I am so grateful that I took it. Even though my concentration is account management, my internship is all about content creation. I get the pleasure of creating content to bring more viewers to my clients websites using my own creativity. SEO Digital is a very small company that specializes in the use of search engine optimization to help its clients. On my first day I met the CEO and was assigned a client for whom I’m assigned to create content. I have been working on to help boost its ranking on Google. Fishing is a beloved hobby of the CEO, so naturally I felt some pressure to produce content to the best of my ability.

As the copywriter, I write about anything that relates to Fishmasters. Some days I will be writing about fishing gear while other days I write about fish behaviors and the best ways to catch them. Although I never thought this experience would rely so heavily on fishing information, I am really enjoying it. I’ve learned in greater detail about how to work with SEO. I learned how to use new tools like SEMrush and Browseo. Once I got the hang of researching and brainstorming, I enjoyed being able to write and phrase things however I feel would be best. I also like knowing that what I create could generate more views of the website and help boost revenue for both parties involved. In my first week, I wrote content that ranked on the second and third pages of Google. About a week ago some of my other posts worked their way onto the first page of Google.

While working here, I met Project Manager Ryan Finley. He has been a huge inspiration to me. He was very welcoming when I first started and answered all questions that I had. He constantly encourages everything I do, but he is not afraid to give me direction when I need it. It amazes me how he is able to be so hands on with me and everyone in the company while still getting all his work done. He is the middle man for us and the CEO. He also never seems to get bored or complain. I hope that when I reach the position and status that he has at the company, I am as happy as he is.

I am so grateful to have this opportunity at SEO Digital. This intenrship has taught me valuable lessons, in both work and fishing, and given me more experience than I could have ever hoped for. I now have a better understanding of what content creators go through everyday at work. It gave me a greater appreciation for all they do. I cannot wait to put this experience to good use in the near future.


  1. This was so cool to read about! I really liked what you said about the appreciation for all that content creators do – sometimes people have no clue how much work goes into creating something until they see it all in real time. Best of luck in your future and keep killing it!

  2. I really enjoyed reading about your internship experience. I definitely know how daunting it can be when you are thrown into something that was not your specialty and expected to excel at it, with or without the added pressure of the CEO being passionate about the content you are creating on a personal level. You should be so proud that your stuff made it to the first page of Google, I know that it a goal for many copy writers. Do you like fishing? Did that make it easy for you to produce what you did or did you have to do outside investigations to tap into the minds of those who fish. Either way that is such a cool story. Learning about a new industry while implementing what you already know can be such a rewarding feeling. Congratulations on the experience and good luck in the future.

  3. Hi Jackie,
    I enjoyed reading about your internship. I totally understand the pressure that you were feeling when first starting your internship. I think that it is amazing that you were able to get the top rank on Google. Good work and I wish you a lot of luck in your future endeavors!

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