Hi, my name is Bree Wood and I am an adv art track student. I did my internship with Jump Magazine. It is a small magazine that has been around for about two years now and is ran by George Miller. He is a journalsim Prof at Temple, but the magazine is not part of Temple.

This experience has really focused me. I have interned with Jump for a year now. When I started I really thought I would be into writing, I like it, if I have the choice for a final and it is between a test and paper, I always choose the paper. I also like creative writing. But as time went on I realized writing wasn’t the thing for me. At least this form of writing. I did find out that I really enjoy design, and I like the business side of the magazine. Once I am done at Temple, I hope to get a job with a magazine or a publishing company. I want to start a publishing company some day, but it will be in developing countries  so the people their can have books and stories in their language, and from their culture. This will give people jobs, as well as aide in education, and books to just have at home. I would like to have it somehow help build schools, and have some type of scholarship aspect to it. When I got this idea I figured someone had already done it, so I did my research and found the group called Room to Read, they are doing something similar to what I would like to do, so maybe I could work for them one day. So i guess what I got from this internship was it helped me narrow down my constantly wondering mind, and what I want to do with my life.

This is our newest Issue of Jump magazine. Next issue drops in June.
This is our newest Issue of Jump magazine. Next issue drops in June.



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