Food and Beverage Signage

At Cashman and Associates I have learned great new ways to spice up an event. One of the best things to do is have food and beverages. Preferably alcoholic beverages. This keeps people happy throughout the night. However, now a days more and more people are health conscious and want to know exactly what they’re eating. So C&A has found creative ways to make food and beverage signs. For example, if it’s an event that involves travel you can use postcards for labeling, or if your event is for a spa/salon you can use red lipstick on mirrored trays. It is very common to use mini chalk boards because it can be used for any kind of event. You can also use faux ornaments that are place card holders for a holiday event. One of the coolest things I saw at one of C&A’s events was a woman wearing a dress made of metal that held drinks and she walked around the room as a human signage and display. Little personalized touches go a long way with your guests, it shows creativity, and it’s very informative. This way you’re less likely to have someone be allergic, or eat something that they are unhappy with.


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