For the Future Interns of Cashman & Associates

This fall semester I interned at Cashman & Associates where I had the chance to attend various industry events, and produce work various client. The experience was very rewarding and I learned a lot along the way.


Every company has it’s own unique work environment – all with unique quirks. I’ve made a list of the top 10 things I feel would be beneficial for anyone who might the pleasure to intern for Cashman in the future.


1.  There is a corner store called “Sassafras” and it will become your favorite place to eat – they have everything your heart could desire!

2.  The Keurig machine is the holy grail of caffeine and motivation – but ALWAYS remember to throw away your used k-cup

3.  Every month there will be a list sent out of events the company is hosting and they need assistance for – Help with as many as you can! It’s an amazing opportunity and gives you great industry experience

4.  If you are chosen to follow the photographer around to help with photo captions at the event – Remember to write the names from left to right!

5.  When dressing for events remember – ALL BLACK EVERYTHING

6.  Master answering the phones – everyone will love you for it, but never more than 2 rings!

7.  Invest in a good notebook – it’s good to write assignments down when you meet with your supervisor and to have when inspiration hits

8. Arrive 10-15 minutes early so you can have time to settle in and get ready for the day

9. If you have to answer the intercom to let someone in – Remember to tell them to use the left door

10. Before you transfer a call don’t forget to get the name and company of the caller



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