Francesca Woodman: Photographer

There is too much to say about Francesca Woodman’s life in one simple post on AdLib. But I will say this: I first heard about Francesca last year in my photography class and fell in love with her work. I soon learned that she committed suicide at the age of 22, which is extremely sad because I know she would have made it far in her life. I was fortunate enough to see some of her work at the AIPAD show in New York, and it literally brought tears to my eyes (you can make fun of me, I don’t care..) I also was able to attend a panel discussion about her. Her best friend, Sloan Rankin-Keck, who is often in her photographs was there to speak about her and it was extremely interesting to experience someone that knew her so well. She even shared some of Francesca’s journal entries.

Take a look at some of Francesca’s work. It’s wonderful. Unfortunately there isn’t an official website for Woodman, you can just google her and a bunch of interesting articles will come up like this one

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