Freaky Deaky Texas 2021

My job so far this semester has been a whirlwind. I am the social media coordinator for Disco Donnie Presents (DDP), a club show and music festival company. For the past several months, the main project I have worked on is doing the marketing components for our upcoming festival, Freaky Deaky Texas. Freaky Deaky is an EDM festival that DDP puts on annually in Houston, Texas each October. We released the lineup for this festival in May of this year, a few months before I was hired. I joined DDP in July this year, which is when the marketing aspects for this festival began to really ramp up. 

Some big marketing moments we’ve had for this festival aside from the initial lineup drop and ticket on-sale were daily lineup drops, single day ticket on-sale, camping on-sale, and many, many other things (it’s a bit hard to keep track, there is a lot going on at once!). Some other things I’ve made for this specific festival are the official Freaky Deaky spotify playlist, uploaded all the content for the Freaky Deaky app, strategized content posting schedule, curated and scheduled the entire content calendar across three social platforms, and again those are just the highlights. 

As I’m approaching leaving for the festival itself in two days it truly (and I say this with my whole heart) feels surreal. To have worked on this festival from almost the very start to be coming up on the actual dates is a lovely feeling. DDP does all of its marketing in house so this weekend all the socials for the festival, as well as our brand socials, will be run by just three people (our entire marketing team). It’s very rewarding to love your job and also get to experience the fruits of your labor. It would be a lie to say there aren’t moments in this career that are more challenging than I’d like or have felt out of my comfort zone, however all of that is worth it to see your work come to life. I cannot wait to see all of our attendees experiencing and enjoying all the aspects I got to help brainstorm into existence. I am pinching myself that I’ll get to see musicians I’ve admired for years, stage side, sharing their set on our socials for others who love their music to experience. 

I leave this Wednesday for Texas and return on Sunday. Freaky Deaky is a two day festival with camping, with over 40,000 tickets sold. I’ve been to many music festivals before as an attendee so this will be a new experience as it will be my first festival working and I could not be more excited. Check back later for my next post, where I’ll highlight some of my favorite moments from my experience at Freaky Deaky. 

If you want some good content on your feed follow the Freaky Deaky socials (or you’re just dying to see me in action), it’s @FreakyDeakyTX on Twitter and IG! Also check out our brand page, @DiscoDonniePresents on IG. 

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  1. Your experience sounds awesome, Amaya! In the advertising classes, I’ve had with you in the past, I remember you mentioning your love for music festivals. It’s so amazing that you are able to incorporate one of your passions into your internship. I always wondered what goes into putting on music festivals as they are such huge operations. It’s super interesting to see what your role was, and how involved you were in operating their social media profile. Social media marketing is so tricky, and it’s huge that you were able to be part of that! Congratulations on living a dream, and have some Freaky Deaky fun in Texas!

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