From Agency to Corporate

Being a corporate worker for my internship gave me quite a shock ...

I never really saw myself as a corporate worker, that is until the opportunity presented itself. The past few months, I’ve spent my time as a search engine optimization intern at QVC, which has successfully changed any previous impression I had of working a corporate job.

Compared to agency life, working at a company as large as QVC was quite a reality shock. With thousands of employees, I was surprised to find how much I enjoy being one tiny moving part of the entire operation. Having an extremely specific role has allowed me to strengthen my knowledge within SEO, while also having the wonderful opportunity to experience other parts of the organization through “walk a miles” and meetings.

Being able to refine my skills has been an incredible opportunity. Previously in an agency setting, I received a general overview of a variety of different areas in digital marketing, but never had the opportunity to leave search engine optimization at such a high level. At QVC, I had the privilege of working 20 hours a week with a sole focus on bettering my SEO skills, while learning more about the practices of e-commerce SEO.

My second bit is a piece of advice for working in a corporate environment: take advantage of the skill sets around you. QVC offered a variety of mini training sessions with other departments, called “walk a miles,” in which I was welcomed to sit down with an employee and provided a great deal of information about his/her position and overall function at QVC. This was especially helpful because I was able to learn about other potential opportunities, while learning about how they became successful in their careers.

I would recommend my place of work or a corporate internship to anyone! The skills and experiences I have gained during my time here have been invaluable, and because of this I feel that much more confident in graduating in a few weeks.

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