From Art Direction to Process Improvement in TD Bank

Working at a financial institution as an advertising major is very different than what I thought I would be doing with my first internship. The structure and method of accomplishing tasks is very data driven and not as creative as I had hoped it would be for me. With that in mind I set out to try and find a remedy and eventually got in contact with TD Bank’s advertising department. There was not much that I could do in the way of TV or major advertising mediums, but they did point me in the right direction to get my foot in the door. I began to work on a few print ads for events happening within the company and also created a video promoting TD Bank’s environmental efforts to be a green-driven company. Ultimately, this exposure to two types of work within the back office of TD enabled me to gain a better understanding of how things work structurally, financially, and personally.

I think my favorite part about TD has been the attitude. Customers are a huge part of TD bank’s culture. I mean huge. We have what is known as TD’s WOW! Culture. It is more of a badge of honor and a code we live by. Its even printed on the back of every employee’s badge and displayed everywhere in each branch (or “store” as we call them) and even in the offices. This is all about going the extra mile and making sure that each customer is finished doing business with you and simply says “wow”. This is what makes TD such a prevalent bank. We are, in fact, the 8th largest bank in the country and we are only located in the East coast from Maine to Florida. I believe that this is a simple reminder that customer service goes a long way. Overall, I am extremely happy with and grateful of my time here at TD and hopefully I will continue to intern there until a graduate and assume a full time position as offered to me already. As long as I keep putting in the hard work and learning each day I think I will get there.

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