From Conception to Production.

One of my responsibilities in my internship with the English Department was to organize the alumni newsletter. This is the primary contact between alumni and the Department. It highlights several professors and honors students for academic achievements. My role in this newsletter this semester was to make sure the printing company had everything they needed, the distribution company received the newsletter and of course, to make sure everything went out on time. The content of the newsletter had already been written, so I only had to make sure the document was ready to be printed.

The main challenge with this project was coordinating with different companies. This is one aspect the classroom did not prepare me for. Of course, there were bumps in this process. But, this was definitely one of the biggest learning experiences I’ve had at Temple. In the end, everything went out on time and about 5000 newsletters were sent to alumni.

I actually received the opportunity to continue my internship next semester and work on another issue of the newsletter. I will be more involved with the planning, writing, and organization of the newsletter. I am excited to continue working on this project and be involved with it from the beginning through production. With my internship director, we are beginning to look for people who would be interesting to interview and I look forward to seeing a project from conception to production. We don’t often get the opportunity produce our work  in school and I am happy to get this type of experience through my internship.

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