Get Your Dance On!

Gangnam Style - nothing more to be said.It’s about to be three weeks from the day of the competition and the creation of the viral/commercial/YouTube video is nowhere to be completed. But unlike us the students at Kensington High School are smiling and enjoying the time with us and their classmates. The students seemed to be trying to calm us down and not to worry because of that strong self-confidence they have in themselves. All of these students have so much talent and knowledge of the technology that is surrounding them. You have students that are computer geniuses and can figure out any problem that may shows up or you have students who think so far out the box that you’re amazed. Then you have student who are multitalented from singing to video/music editing.

The photo above is a scene from the video we created. That’s the red headed king Manuel aka Mannie and his attempt to do the Gangnam Style dance. The idea for the video was to show famous music/dance throughout history that people remember and add students reenacting the dance moves. The student had a great time acting a fool and dancing for a video that was being created.

-Shannon Abraham

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