Getting Flyered Up


My name is Moira Meekes and I am currently interning with Comcast-Spectacor in the Business Development Department. As a Business Development intern, my daily tasks this far have included brainstorming different events to host to help gain sponsorships, creating and executing a detailed and structured plan to update our Pinterest page and gain followers, and researching other professional hockey teams to keep track of their activity and what they do that makes their business so successful.
Even though I am only three weeks into my internship, I have already learned a great deal. The biggest thing I have learned from this experience this far is not to get ahead of myself. This may sound pretty standard, but I have realized from working here that quality work takes time. I have learned that a lot of editing, reevaluating and possibly even a changes of plans are not failures but rather opportunities to better an idea. I have also learned to always ask questions. When I first started I was afraid to ask questions regarding work that was asked to be done, but now I feel completely comfortable. I have learned that it’s better to ask the questions you need answered the first time around rather than submitting wrong or poor  quality work.
Fortunately for me, my supervisor is very supportive of all my ideas. He offers any suggestions he has and he always offers feedback to help better my ideas. My overall experience at Comcast-Spectacor this far has been extremely positive. It has not only been amazing to meet so many intelligent and successful people, it has also been amazing to see the things that I have learned in the classroom benefit me here at my internship. It’s very exciting to be trusted with work for such a prestigious organization, its nice to feel accomplished after finishing a task, knowing that it isn’t only producing a letter grade but so much more.

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