Getting My Feet Wet: Harmelin Media

Over the past few months, I have been interning at Harmelin Media for the Spring 2015 semester. Harmelin Media is a media planning/buying agency in the greater Philadelphia region and one of the largest in the entire country. When I first got the e-mail that I would be interning at Harmelin this semester I definitely had mixed emotions., extremely excited to start my potential career in the media planning/ buying industry and nervous that I hadn’t prepared myself well enough to succeed at this position.

I consider myself a perfectionist and want to be great at everything I involve myself in, and I had doubts about what I would be able to accomplish at Harmelin. Those doubts quickly disappeared after my first few days on the job. My supervisors, Kaiti & Colleen, made me feel right at home, along with everyone else I had met from the Harmelin team. They took the time to show me around, meet people, and get myself acquainted with the office. They also reassured me that they knew I was not going to be perfect at my job and that this was learning experience. Everyone at Harmelin has helped me understand the significance of every project I have worked on every step of the way.

I guess the biggest thing that I have taken away from this experience so far is that when you are starting your internship or entry-level position, not only do you not know everything, you do not have to know everything. These are the earliest stages of our professional careers and there is going to be some learning along the way and we need to become comfortable with that. I am looking forward to finishing the semester and this internship on a strong note and hopefully all of us interning can take this experience as a learning process and become better professionals in the long run once we realize our roles for now.

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  1. Harmelin is somewhere I am interested in working and I am glad to hear that the people there are friendly and helpful. I too had fears about not knowing enough, both when I started my internship and for my first job. It’s reassuring to know other people feel that way, but I am sure that if we work hard and pay attention we will all be fine.

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