GMC Safe Space

Working at the Graphics Media Center (GMC) has taught me a lot. I have learned a lot of valuable interpersonal skills as well as professional skills. I like working in print media. This job has taught me that working in print/physical media is fun. Even though it’s a dying form, physical media is so much fun to produce. The nice thing about physical media is that it’s tangible and I can hold it in my hand. I enjoy working is digital media as well, but there is something so satisfying about seeing something you designed in real life.

Some positive things I learned about the business is that everyone is willing to help. The job was easy to learn because everyone is helpful. I know I can ask questions without being made to feel dumb. I also think there is a lot of room to grow professionally and develop important design skills. I feel like my design skills have greatly improved after working at the GMC.

A lot of my coworkers inspire me. I know I can go to them for genuine design advice and critique. Even though I have a lot of coworkers who are in the same major as me, I have learned a lot from them. One of my coworkers is a senior this year and I feel like I can learn a lot from her experience. A few of my other coworkers are graphic design majors and I’ve learned a lot of technical skills from them. All of the people I work with inspire my designs.

I didn’t have any insane expectations for this job. I feel like I didn’t know what to really expect when I started at GMC. I’ve worked other customer service jobs, but this is the first time I’ve worked somewhere that’s related to my major.

My advice to others about their internships would be to relax. It seems nerve wracking at first, but I recommend becoming friendly with your coworkers. I’ve learned that coworkers really make or break your experience at an internship/job. My coworkers are great because we can talk like friends but also rely on each other to do quality work. We all have a mutual respect for each other inside and outside of work. This is important because not only does it help you build your network, it also makes doing the job more bearable.

Overall, my experience at my internship has been great because I’ve learned a lot of professional and technical skills.

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