Good Company Coffee

It’s pretty easy to not stand out in the coffee industry. Hell, Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts have a tough time doing it with what seems like a limitless budget and the opportunity to work with the best in design.

Landor created this packaging design for Good Company Coffee. They seem to be a robust multi-country agency.

As a web junkie, I always critique each agency’s site when I visit. If it is in flash I immediately shut it down for being archaic and self-indulgent. Landor’s site is clean and clear.

So is the design they conjured up for Good Co. Clean and clever copy lead the way.





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  1. I was researching a cool shoe brand yesterday (Quoddy) and found an amazing collaboration it did with a webshop. Instead of a box, they released the shoes in a straw filled crate, with the site’s branded coffee, tumbler, and some kind of book.

    I don’t dig the shoes, but that’s really a cool hook to get people interested. If the shoe was right, I’d jump on it.

    And your take on flash is funny Mr. Rutledge… I consider myself archaic and self-indulgent.

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