Good Karma

I just finished my fourth week interning at the Karma Agency in Center City, Philadelphia. This is my first internship where I have been working with students from a school other than Temple University. Karma has two other summer interns at their agency. One recently graduated from Syracuse and also works in account management under different supervisors and clients.  The other intern recently graduated from Villanova and helps Karma’s public relations team. Although we do not work together on the same assignments, we always try to meet for lunch each day to discuss what we are doing at work. This has definitely added to my internship experience. It’s interesting to hear what the other girls are learning and the different clients they work for. We’ve also talked about our schools’ different communication programs and the other internships they have led us to. What’s been most interesting is discussing the type of jobs we hope to have in the future.

This experience has taught me that it’s really important to network with everyone I work with, not just my supervisors or the employees in the account management department. This has helped me gain a better understanding of the way Karma runs their agency as a whole. Everyone I have met at my internship has helped positively shape my experience thus far. I hope to get to know each of the employees better as my internship progresses. Here’s to good Karma!

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