Good Morning New York…& America!

Hello fellow owls!! My name is Tsoline Karakelian and I am currently an intern at Donovan Public Relations in New York City. The agency focuses primarily on indie/entertainment public relations and works with a number of singers, bands, actors, actresses and music management groups. Working at a PR agency has been a dream come true. I have been able to learn about what goes on behind the scenes when it comes to bringing light to celebrities and how the entertainment industry works. I shadow several publicists and have been given a lot of great opportunities while working here. They’ve shown me different paths that I am now interested in pursuing. For example, I would love to be a publicist or a manager for an entertainer in the future. Working in the entertainment industry is definitely somewhere I could see myself working. I’ve noticed that the entertainment world is a lot closer knit than I had ever expected. A lot of music groups work together behind the scenes which is something I never really realized. 

My days start off with collecting information through newspapers, magazines, and online from a plethora of different publications to make sure we know what the world sees about our clients. After that, tasks vary day to day. Some days I’ll write press releases and other days I’ll update lists of writers, editors, chief officers and more that are in charge of the various publications so we have the correct information to send our press releases too. I have one other intern in the office with me from Elon University who has been a great person to work with. We learned how to be publists together and it has been a great journey! We went to Good Morning America with our client, Old Dominion, for their performance and album announcement that I actually wrote the press release for! This experience has been amazing and it definitely helped me gain a better understanding of what I want to do in the future. My piece of advice for other interns would be that when you have nothing to do in the office, find a project you can work on to do while you sit around waiting for your next task. Ask them in the very beginning of the internship if you can work on a fake project or anything for those off times where work might be slower than usual. There were times of my internship where I had nothing to do and I wish I had utilized their resources more efficiently to better my understanding of the industry. Donovan Public Relations made my dreams of working and living in New York City for a PR Agency come true and I am extremely appreciative of this amazing opportunity. 

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  1. This is amazing Tsoline! I’m so glad you’re enjoying your internship. Although my internship is Marketing and Advertising within a different industry than Entertainment currently, I too am very interested in PR in the entertainment industry, especially in music. I have recently observed and enjoyed the various creative methods artists, their PR teams, and their music labels have chosen to market and promote their album before it is released, and even during the first few weeks of release as well. I follow a company called CREAM PR based out of Wilmington, DE closely. Maybe you can check them out as well. I know their have much experience in the entertainment a fashion industries as well.

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