Good news is…

Hi fellow interns,

Good news for me is, the place I am interning at asked me to stay with them next semester as well! I am overjoyed to accept the offer and intern with The Fox School of Business for another semester 🙂

Interning in the Deans Office (creative production / PR department) at the Fox School of Business here at Temple has been a great experience. Since it was the first time working in a professional environment I found the experience very rewarding. Interning here has made me realize how excited I am to graduate and get out in the creative advertising world! Since Fox is a business school, they like mostly everything to look sharp and clean, which is totally ok, I am just excited to get out there and work for a solely creative agency!

I have gained so much from this internship. I have gained more knowledge about the Adobe programs, thanks to my inspiring boss. I have learned how professional photo-shoots work in a business setting, thanks to my other mentor. I have also learned how to present myself in a professional environment. Overall, I have obtained a lot of important lessons and knowledge from the internship.



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