Here are some freebies I found on the web. I also came across some vintage motorcycle advertisements that are great visual inspiration




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23 Brushes Light Blurs Brush Set, Free for all uses commercial and personal

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Banda Typeface

Banda is a semi-serif typeface characterized by a tall x-height and rounded semi-serifs. Consisting of seven weights plus italics. Banda can be used for short passages of text as well as fancy displays. Spanning the elegant finesse of the thinner weights to the almost childish bubbliness of the heavier weights, Banda is a great all-round performer.

You can download the regular version of this Font for free by clicking here.

Ostrich Sans

This typeface is a display sans-serif typeface with a variety of styles.

Download black, bold, dashed, rounded, light, and regular versions for free by clicking here.


Four font weights are available, with corresponding italic styles.

Download by clicking here.