Graphic Design Intern at a Non-profit

Goals I've made and goals I've been able to meet during my time as a graphic design intern.

Hi! My name is Serina, I’m currently a graphic design intern at the performance arts organization, FringeArts. As an intern, I typically work on creating web and print design materials, including posters, maps, ads, and playbills. Before I came to work at FringeArts, I had very little experience working in a design and marketing department. My internships and jobs before this were not related to graphic design or advertising, so this was completely new territory for me.

While I’ve been working here, I have started to get much more comfortable communicating with different department heads and even with different printing vendors. One of my main goals coming into this internship was to become confident when presenting my design ideas to senior staff members and to be able to articulately communicate with outside vendors. Fortunately, I have been able to move towards accomplishing these goals. I mentioned to my boss the different skills I hoped to leave this internship with and she gave me the opportunities to present my ideas and handle the print communications for a festival. I was so happy that I decided to tell her what I hoped to get out of this internship since she really helped me achieve these goals.

Since this opportunity, I have felt much more comfortable and confident when communicating with my coworkers and finding different ways to ask for advice and receive critiques. At first, it felt very awkward and scary to ask my boss what I needed to change for design projects, but the unease and discomfort I felt before has dissipated since I’ve gained more experience.

In the future, I hope to have more of the same opportunities and continue to learn from my coworkers.


  1. Hi Serina! Your experience with FringeArts seems to have offered you valuable insight and experience with the design aspects of advertising, that’s great! I also intern with a local non-profit, and it seems like we have similar responsibilities, especially designing posters and other branding materials. I think that working with a nonprofit provides a unique experience, especially as an intern. It’s great that you feel you’ve worked towards your goals – I definitely can relate to being nervous to show my designs to my superiors! Best of luck with your future endeavors!

  2. Great insight into non profits here. I love the work that Fringe Arts does. I had the same experience with having to get comfortable talking to people outside your office, but it really does get easier. Totally relate to the hesitation when asking for feedback, especially if you work with big personalities, so kudos on the progress you’ve made!

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