Growing With Coyne



Hello! My name is Michael, and I have been interning at Coyne Chemical for the Fall 2013 semester. It has been a wonderful learning experience and I look forward to a full time position with Coyne Chemical in Marketing and Sales. This experience has taught me how to conduct business in a professional manner, particularly in the organic, inorganic and specialty chemical industry.

If there were one person who has had a direct impact on me as an intern, it would be my supervisor, Tom Coyne, Jr. Interning at Coyne Chemical was a hands on experience where I was able to apply all concepts of my studies into real world situations, and Tom acted more as a mentor than a supervisor, every step of the way. Through this experience, I can pinpoint that I gained hands on communication skills that must be learned in reality as opposed to in a textbook. I am fortunate to have sharpened my people and computer skills before graduation.

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