Growth at Allied Integrated Marketing

What has my experience at Allied taught me? Way more than a skill that can only be used in an office setting. On my first day at Allied, I already knew that this was not what I wanted to do career wise so I decided to soak in as much as possible and create my own learning experience – as if I were living “a day in the life of” an Allied publicist, except it would be “5 months in the life of an Allied intern.”

It started off as innocent as dropping a few tickets off to this office manager and carefully placing a few flyers at these locations but then, after about a month…the tasks became bigger. Landing a meet and greet with a mini performance from a famous magician at the Macy’s of Philadelphia, having a toddler filled afternoon at Nest with games and prizes, as well as running an entire ANNIE event at Cups and Chairs for a daddy/daughter day. Without ever asking myself if I was prepared or even capable of completing these tasks, I always dove head first into each adventure as if I had been doing it my entire life. I never believed the whole “if you fake confidence, you will eventually become confident,” but at this point, after all of the things I’ve had to do that were technically out of my “comfort zone,”  I do actually believe that statement.

By forcing myself to go through with things that I may have seen as overwhelming at one point, I realized it’s not that bad! Once I get through it I almost always look back and think “that really was not that bad.” I have a habit of over-thinking things and doubting myself, but I am human! So from now on I simply reflect on the feeling I had both before and after accomplishing a big task and remind myself that I most certainly can do this, whatever “this” is.

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