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Today is beginning of my 5th week at Keystone Funding. I am really enjoying the reality of the business setting that surrounds me. I arrived today at the office at 9:00 AM to begin my task. Every Monday I update Keystone Funding’s bank turn times to inform their clients when a new loan cycle has began. At keystone funding, they do a lot of purchase and refinances, I must make sure all of these lead clients have direct contact with the CEO of Keystone funding, or the Vice president, Chris. The call volume here at Keystone funding is extremely high. about a half hour ago, a client called my extension for rates and current property listings that  I was able to better assist her and walk her through our website. There are times I do not know specifics about a mortgage related question but it feels great being able to help at Keystone funding.

I have been managing some of Keystone Funding accounting matters. Previously I had no experience in this matter so working with numbers was a learning advantage. Within my first couple of checks that I received, processed and  was ready to deposit, I realized there was an incorrect amount regarding a check amount in which I pointed out to Chris Swartz. I called the correct line and was able to fix the amount and they sent a new check within the next two days. It showed me how easily something could go wrong and always to double check before making matters final especially regarding money. In addition, I  realized that Keystone Funding was being double billed for three months for their phone and internet services. I made sure I called right away and the one account was deactivated and refund charges were made out to Keystone Funding. There are times when the mortgage consultants are extremely busy with clients and loans that little account matters slip through and cause a loss.

On Friday I spent most of my day on Argos, updating their marketing information from their ads on Zillow, Bankrate, and quinstreet. I am able to see how many people clicked on the running ad, how much that click cost Keystone Funding, and how many of those clicks turned into leads. Once a client fills out the initial forms on our website, they will be approved or denied. Argos is a revolving cycle therefore it fairly assigns the client to one of Keystone Fundings licensed consultants. When clients call in, I am able to assist them in what stage their application is in and who they will be later assigned too. I have two weeks left interning at Keystone funding, I am excited to see what else I will be doing. I recently have been thinking of getting my real estate license on the side because I enjoy this line of work.



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