As I come down to my last week of interning as a graphic designer for The Workshop Mercantile, I feel much more comfortable now graduating in a couple weeks after getting very good real work experience here. I went into this semester still feeling like a student, and now knowing what to expect from a real job will make my transition from school much easier.

Something I learned quickly about this job is that you cannot be to attached to anything you are working on because things change at the drop of a dime. Multiple times this semester I’ve had something I was excited to be working on changed to something else completely. That was one of the hardest things I’ve had to experience while designing so far and I believe I’m a better designer because of it.

I believe that the most important thing I got out of this job was not the work I produced, but the connections I made with the people I work with. I think the connections I’ve made will help me getting jobs in the future. They are always looking out for me and passing my resume around to different friends and connections. I am very honored that they have offered me a position after I graduate.