Harmelin Media Internship

This summer, I did an internship with Harmelin media, a buying and planning agency on city line avenue. It was great interning with a large company, where I was given the opportunity to work in multiple departments. When I applied for my internship, I was asked by Harmelin’s internship coordinator to work in the sports marketing and traffic departments. Without any knowledge of what occurs in a traffic department, I told the internship coordinator it was fine. While I was nervous for what kind of work I’d be doing on my first day, the people that I worked with were all extremely friendly and helpful.

In the traffic department, I learned how much work is needed to make sure television spots are sent to the correct stations. Each commercial has an ISCE code, which is an set random set of letters and numbers that are used to identify commercials. The department is constantly working on different campaigns for major clients.  I also worked in the sports marketing department briefly before I began working in the direct response department. For one of my projects, I created a ratings report for the Phillies for games in April and May.




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