Has a Whole Semester gone by already?!

Hi all, Darcy here.

So it seems that my time as the Marketing Intern for At Media has come to close!!  What a fast 3 1/2 months it has been.. I honestly can’t believe how fast time went. One minute I’m nervously ringing the buzzer to walk into my interview and now here I am, confirming next week as my final week!

My time here with At Media’s small boutique Branding Agency has been nothing short of fantastic. Like at the beginning of most internships, you set yourself goals of what you would like to get out of your experience. At the start of my internship experience back in September, I felt completely and totally lost – who wouldn’t!  I was given the marketing position because of my previous and current employment with big name functional beverage companies – Red Bull Energy Drink and Drink Neuro where I work promotions for their mobile marketing teams. Originally I had my heart set on the design position because of my Art Direction major, but because I haven’t been fully schooled in the programs, both my bosses and I agreed that the Marketing position was a better fit.

Aside from my work experience in the field, my marketing knowledge, in my eyes, wasn’t as up to par as I would have like – so to accept this position was a pre-determined challenge for me. As an individual who works well out their comfort zone I obviously jumped at the offer and boom I was an instant Marketing Intern. At the beginning I was obviously a wee bit nervous, but as my time with the agency progressed, I did as well.

From becoming their go to Social Media guru, who handled all social media updates and tracking for 8 clients, to sitting in on event and internal company meetings, to brainstorming concepts, designing icons, performing SEM for the launch of our Re-branded website, to revamping our Marketing Plan and finally developing an annual Social Media tracking report template, I have learned more useful information than I could have ever expected.

This internship has far surpassed the goals I set for myself in the beginning. I have learned more and grown more in areas I couldn’t have anticipated learning about and enabled myself to get a taste of just a small part of the working world. This internship has truly been the greatest and I can’t believe its almost over! About a month ago my bosses and I had a sit down to discuss my progress and even better news came about! They wished to keep on board as a part of their team next semester, but this time as a part-time employee. In January I am aimed to become At Media’s first official Community Manager, whose job responsibilities involve my standard Social media management, but also overseeing more online & social related responsibilities as well as working with the new batch of interns!!

Between the past 3 1/2 months to a part-time job offer for the spring semester of my junior year, I finally feel like my life and hard work is paying off. It just goes to show, internships open doors and build lasting relationships with influential people – so what reason not to do one!

For those of you who have yet to take advantage of internship opportunities, I highly encourage you get on the ball and send out those resumes! You never know what great opportunities can simply fall into your lap 🙂

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