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I was confident in my ability as a marketer, but I was nervous about marketing something with which I wasn’t familiar at all--Cancer Care.

I am Kelsey Zaporowski and a senior at Temple University and Advertising major. Within the Adverting field my focus is on digital marketing and data analytics. This school year, I had the opportunity to be the Digital Marketing Intern for Fox Chase Cancer Center and it was an amazing and educational experience. I was a little nervous when I found out that I was going to be working at a cancer center. I was confident in my ability as a marketer, but I was nervous about marketing something with which I wasn’t familiar at all–Cancer Care.

However, after being with Fox Chase for six months, I am not only more passionate about digital marketing than ever, but I have loved working in the medical field. I like to believe that we are helping people receive the best cancer care possible and even help possibly save their lives.

The day that really opened my eyes to how my work in marketing could really help people was our Survivors Day. Every year, at a Temple University football game, Fox Chase invites all its past patients to come to the football game and the tailgate before to celebrate their survivorship and relationship with the community. I got the opportunity to meet and talk to so many people whose lives have been changed by coming to Fox Chase. From the event Fox Chase created a video, which I think everyone should watch. I know it makes me cry every time I do.

My biggest project at my internship was redoing our Google AdWords campaigns for each cancer type.  I looked at this as an opportunity to optimize our ads so that the right content meets the right person at the right time in his/her life. We looked closely at the customer/ patient journey to discover what questions and problems people were searching for and what information we could provide them that would be beneficial and lead them to choose Fox Chase and their cancer care provider.

Over my six months at Fox Chase I have gained a lot. I learned so much about the marketing and advertising world. I also know more about cancer care than I could ever imagine. But most of all I found an amazing mentor in my advisor, Ryan, and a passion for using digital marketing to help others.


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  1. Hi Kelsey, it is interesting how something we might think not interest us or have no initial interest in can be so impactful. This semester I had a similar experience to your in that I was not originally interested in doing sales work but ended up loving it and learning a lot from it. This sounds similar to your own experience in the medical field. Hopefully, we can both continue to pursue our new found passions.

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