Here, Let’s Listen To Some Music…

It’s a big day for Spotify users. To start, here’s a playlist I’ve curated consisting of some of my more current and timeless favorites.

You know when it’s your first day at a new job, a new internship, a new environment and you feel that need to put your best foot forward? There’s that need to prove that you can do this, and then you psych yourself into believing that this first day is going to be the most intense day of your work experience.

Well, I walked up to my computer, opened up my intern-assigned email, and was more than ready for this first day along with whatever tasks it would bring. However, I wasn’t asked to enter data, and I wasn’t asked to organize files—I was told to make a playlist.

The associate that I’ve been assigned to for the semester specifies that there are no guidelines or restrictions in creating this playlist: “It’s just whatever you’re listening to right now! I just wanna hear your current musical influences. You are not going to be evaluated on this.” And so the playlist I’ve shared with you today also became an indicator for me that my experience with MINT Talent Group this semester would be a great one.

So far, I’ve been right.

My name is Sarah McDuff, I am currently a fourth-year at Temple University and first of all, I hope you like the playlist.

Music and the music industry have always been an essential part of my life, being closely intertwined with my upbringing and who I am now as a singer and songwriter. As I navigated college being an Advertising major with an original focus on communications, I slowly realized that I didn’t need to keep my personal interests and passion for music completely void of my education and learning experience.

MINT Talent Group took me on for their Spring Internship Program this semester and not only did they reaffirm this belief, but it further solidified for me just the complexity and importance of every aspect of the music industry. Home to some of the best emerging talent in the world alongside musical icons, contemporary leaders, Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductees and multiple GRAMMY® winners, MINT Talent Group is a booking and entertainment agency that prioritizes the needs of its artists and agents to ensure long-term success. In my experience so far I have become closer to the behind-the-scenes process of live events and tours for artists. There are so many parts and people that factor into making sure that even one show is possible.

I’ve been fortunate to attend many concerts. In those two hours, it is all about the music, it’s about the artist/band, it’s about you, the friends or family you’re with, along with the hundreds of other people partaking in the same experience. Through my internship with MINT, I’ve been granted an opportunity to see an experience I’ve always loved through a new lens and a new perspective. It’s been fulfilling to know that my efforts are going towards ensuring that others may also get to enjoy a live show with their favorite artists.

MINT Talent Group has given me one of my favorite educational experiences by far in my years at Temple University. The music industry has always been somewhere I’ve pictured myself and I hope that this moment in my career comes full circle. One day, when I’m going through the process of booking my own live shows and solidifying my own tours as an artist, I’ll be able to bring forth everything I’ve learned.


  1. As a lover of the music industry, this internship seems like a dream come true! The first day sounds like a lot of fun. I’m happy you found an internship that aligned with your true passions. Keep achieving your dreams. Nice playlist, by the way!

  2. Hi Sarah, first of all, I do love the playlist! Especially paramore, I’ve been listening to them for years. As for the internship, I’m really glad that you were able to bring your interests and hobbies into your education and feel as though you grew in both! As someone who is also really big into music and did sing all throughout highschool, this really inspires me to start looking for another internship that involves this kind of work next time. Regardless, it’s great to see that your internship was able to be both informative and enjoyable for you (and hey I mean, going to concerts definitely helps). I hope that you’re able to continue gaining experience in the music industry and it takes you far! Good luck with everything ◡̈

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