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In my time at Penn Community Bank I have learned exponential skills. Although I just

In my time at Penn Community Bank, I have learned exponential skills. I’ve been interning with Penn Community Bank since May. Over the summer I was able to work a full 40-hour work week and be in the office some days and work from home others because of their hybrid schedule. It was nice to be in the office and work with my co-workers directly. Two people there in particular took me under their wing to show me the ropes. I continue to work for them remotely this semester as I finish my undergrad degree and graduate in December.

While I am no longer working 40-hour weeks, I have attained the skills over the past few months to be more on my own. Penn Community Bank is a small mutual bank across Bucks County. It was a great experience to see how all of the different banks communicate through our department.

I worked as a Branch Admin Intern, and it gave me the chance to have a trial-and-error period without the fear of failing because at the end of the day I was learning. I’ve gained a stronger base of knowledge in this industry. I was able to strengthen my skills and am still strengthening my skills as I continue to improve in my time there.

This experience has also taught me how important it is to have really good communication in the workforce. With so many moving parts to an organization everyone needs to be able to communicate in an effective manner. Especially as I work remotely, it’s important that I stay connected with my coworkers while I’m at Temple. While I never really pictured myself working at a bank, I am grateful for this opportunity because the things you never thought of doing sometimes become your greatest gifts.

Penn Community Bank was just that for me–a true gift. I have grown so much as an individual in my short time there and hope to continue to grow wherever the wind may take me.

The picture that you see below was taken by their new hire presentation. I was able to learn and grow with my peers and learn from seniors and directors of the company. I’m forever grateful for this opportunity and cannot wait to see what the future holds as I near the end of my internship and begin full time employment somewhere after I graduate.

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  1. Hi Diana,

    It was great to read about your experience at Penn Community Bank, and I really resonated with it because of all the similarities it shares with my internship. The experiences at my internship and all the things I have learned, will all prepare me for the outside world and my future positions. I have come to really embrace hybrid schedules; It used to be that I wanted to be fully in- person 100%. Now of course there is nothing wrong with that in the slightest. I have come to find out that my personal style pairs well with hybrid working. Some in-person and some online/ virtual brings out the best of my work ethic, it holds me accountable for my work and still gives me that in-person/ sociable feel that I think most of us enjoy.
    You also spoke of learning in a trial and error environment, I really relate to that as well. I worked at my internship, not in fear that I might make a mistake so grave that I would get kicked out. Instead, it was a vert nurturing environment that helped me grow and learn from any mistakes.
    Just like you, I am very grateful for the opportunity and experiences I’ve gained at my internship with Omm Media. It has taught me so much and given me the confidence to pursue my professional career after I graduate wherever I may go.

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