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Here’s my Chance, HMC, is a creative agency in Northern Liberties. Their internship program is unique in that there was a great balance of guidance and freedom. We were never once left with a day that we didn’t have something to do whether it was running with an idea to pitch to a senior level staff or it be assisting in research or preparation for a client meeting. We were encouraged to feel like we were apart of the HMC team. We were also encouraged to come together as interns.

One of our “intern projects” was being tasked with hosting an Intern Happy Hour.


To bond with the other interns, to test our creativity on a budget, and to learn what it takes to deliver on a deadline.

So we choose a nostalgic root. We chose to throw a college tailgate themed happy hour. Yes, it was Fall and football season was in full swing. And yes, we’re currently the experts at college and tailgating. But the real reason we went with this theme was to take HMC back a few years.

As interns we’re aspiring to be future copywriters, designers, and account managers. We are trying to see the world in HMC’s eyes in the hopes of one day being as successful. That being said, this was our chance to put them in our shoes.

Take them back to what it feels like to be 22 with the overwhelming unfamiliarity of what is coming next. When roman is budgeted for in order to make your rent and still be able to afford a natty light, a whole case if you’ve calculated correctly. When your loyalty is tested by sticking by your pong partner until every red solo cup is gone. Your performance is judged only by how creative your Halloween costume is and how loud you chant your fight song during the biggest game of the season.

As interns and students know, college isn’t all about the party. As a senior, who is writing this on two hours of sleep and six hours away from my capstone final, the biggest presentation of my college career, yet typing as fast and thoughtfully as I can to meet yet another deadline… yes I know college isn’t all about the party.

But after all, a happy hour is a party. So what did we do? We made our centerpieces out of their old college pictures and school logos. We used the invitation to survey their favorite throwback songs and a playlist was born. We came up with a game that was a spin off charades but looks a lot like pong. We put Bud Light koozies on Yard’s beer. We made a Ramen pasta salad that was surprisingly tasty. We created HMC University!

It was a hit! And yes, bonded we were.


IMG_3481 happy hour pic IMG_3470 (1) IMG_3477


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  1. Hey! This sounds like a really awesome internship. Having you guys come up with a whole concept for a team-wide event is a really creative way to get your feet wet starting out at the agency, I love it!

    I’m wondering if you have an email address or anything for someone I could send my resume and cover letter to for a summer internship at HMC. I really want to work at an agency this summer so I’m building up a contact list. I’d appreciate any help you can give me, as someone who’s been there before! Thanks!

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