Happy Holidays from Anthropologie!

The Holiday season is extremely important for Anthropologie meaning that every department gets a little more hectic to prepare the perfect experience for shoppers.  From the embellished merchandise to the glistening display, an Anthropologie Holiday is truly special.

Holiday at Antropologie gets extra attention as it is one of the biggest selling times of the year and is expected to be a grand experience with new surprises around every corner.  Because of the over the top display concepts, the store was home to Visual Teams who traveled from across state and country to assist in the set up of the Rittenhouse location, perfecting everything down to the last folded hand towel and proper “contextualizer”.  It was bustling and busy and more fast paced than anything I would have imagined, but it was amazing to see such a large team working together to produce the same vision.

While the main displays were extremely creative and beautiful, I think it is the little Holiday touches that truly influence a customer to purchase.  Anthropologie has coined the phrase “tie-ons” to refer to the crafty details the Visual Team applied to products that make compelling gifts (such as candles and soap sets).  For the past week or so, I have been intermittently working on tie-ons, adding ribbons and bows and sparkle to mugs and candles galore.  I have noticed, however small of a notion this may seem, that tie-ons truly do impact a customers decision to purchase.  Something about a handmade tie-on makes the product much more valuable in the eyes of the consumer, especially during the Holiday Season.

Although hectic and at times frantic, I believe that being a part of Anthropologie’s Visual Team during the Holiday was a valuable experience that I will never forget.  I was able to listen to ideas be suggested and witness them blossom into successful concepts.  I gained a greater understanding of team work and certainly time management.  And I was able to view the Holiday shopping experience from an entirely new perspective.

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