How Advertising became Event Planning: The Abridged version.

  • Three years ago I decided to major in Advertising, here at Temple.
  • One year ago I joined a new organization on Campus called Media Meltdown Productions-designed for students in SMC.
  • 6 months ago I turned my life upside down.
  • Currently: I intern for a global event planning firm.

I always thought advertising was for me- not to say it isn’t at all or being in advertising isn’t in the cards- always was my cup of tea. Until about 6 months ago when I chose to take on the role of being MMP’s Free Food Fun Friday event coordinator and liaison. To give some more back ground, I was given the task to organize, plan and propose a spring break inspired event titled “Jamaican Me Crazy” I was given budgets, deadlines, and an insane amount of websites and magazines to pick decor and entertainment pieces. And although the weeks leading up to this event were some of the most stressful times I’ve had at college so far. The reward of executing a successful event for over 200 people was so satisfying.

And that’s when I realized I was lost.


Okay, not so much lost but confused. I wanted to be in Advertising… I thought? Where would event planning fit into my perfect little plan? Would I switch majors? Would I even find an internship to take me this late into my collegiate career?

The answers seemed so distant, and yet they were so easy to answer. This past summer while nursing a broken foot, I researched all and every event firm possible. Who was hiring, what they did, do they want interns, fall semester interns? You name the question- I found an answer. And through all my research I found GEP Philadelphia. A Destination Management Company in the heart of center city that specialized in small and large scale event planning.

Skip the long boring process of resume revamping and interviews and about a month ago, I began my Intenship with GEP, and could never be happier.

I have found the perfect job with a balance in both Marketing and Events and walking into work every Monday, Wednesday and Friday is like Christmas morning.

As an Intern with GEP, I’m given the opportunity to work with national clients with there events and excursions, recruit new clients, help plan decor for events, help research new venues, restaurants and entertainment, and most importantly do the two things that I love most; create and organize.


I know, I know, cliche and cheesy, but it’s all too true.

And I’ll end my blog post with this little sentiment,  the biggest lesson I’ve learned thus far interning here at GEP is to follow your heart and find where you feel fit. One of my directors here was a pre-law student and now is one of the most wonderful, successful account executives you’ll ever meet. In addition, the things I’m learning in the Ad program are still extremely beneficial to me, regardless of whether I work in ad agency or not, and if I do decide to “turn my world upside” again and go back to the Ad world, I’ll be lucky enough to have such a beautiful foundation given to me by SMC.

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