How Did a Creative End Up at a Bank?

My name is Nellie Doyle and I am interning at TD Bank this summer in their Marketing Department

My name is Nellie Doyle and I am interning at TD Bank this summer in their Marketing Department. I am specifically working with the Brand Marketing and Social Media teams. So far in my first two weeks I have learned so much about the real world and how my major can be applied to a job. Needless to say, I am very happy I went into Advertising, as I love going to work everyday. My experience so far has taught me to always be on time, always take notes, network, and always ask people if you can do anything for them. I think I have been perceived well by all of co-workers so far because I am outgoing and always wanting to help.

TD Bank is an amazing company to work for. The way they treat their employees, and the care they have for their customers is beyond and should never go unnoticed. The customer is at the heart of everything they do, they strive to truly be “America’s Most Convenient Bank”. The culture of diversity that has been created is also amazing. Everyone is welcome and never judged on anything they say or any idea they bring to the table. I have a couple of mentors who inspire me such. Jesse is my manager and he is amazing, I can not say enough good things about him. He is quiet, but when he talks he is saying something extremely smart and creative. He is always working and is truly a role model to me. Another person who inspires me is Arianna, the SVP of Marketing at TD. She is so calm, cool, and collected, yet such a boss at the same time. She is funny and light-hearted but so intellectual and always on point. I love this internship so far, can’t wait to see what else is in store!

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  1. Wow Helen! Super interesting read! A lot of insight into how you can still have a creative job no matter what the company actually does. Great work

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