How Exit Philadelphia Opened My Eyes

Jeremy Wieland, Owner of Exit Philadelphia organizing pop up shop
Jeremy Wieland, Owner of Exit Philadelphia organizing pop up shop


My name is Steve Brydzinski, and I am an Advertising – Creative track – Major.  I was fortunate to get an Internship at Exit Philadelphia, a skateboarding retail store set in the heart of the Northern Liberties.  It’s been a heck of a fall semester, I have loved my time here as an intern and I can’t wait to continue working there throughout the spring semester as well.


Before landing this internship, I knew little to nothing about web design and developing.  Since starting there in September, I have gained so much knowledge in that area because I have taken on the task of designing and making a brand new website for the company.  I have much more respect for web designers and developers because I have never known just how complex and complicated making an official website is.  my eyes have been opened up into a whole new world of design, and thanks to this opportunity and internship, I now can add web design and more of the creative suite to my resume if I ever end up applying for a design or advertising job.


Thanks to this internship at Exit Philadelphia, my experience has deeply been expanded, and my eyes have been opened to a broader range of knowledge.


To anyone who is looking into internships, I highly suggest you look into internships that will give you experience past what you already know.  For me, in the art track, you only learn so much towards design and specific adobe programs.  This internship pushed me to break through, and take-on/learn a different type of design and programs.

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