How I Have Improved in Sales

When I began at Law First Finance I had no prior sales experience. My sales director, Alex Kalives, has been of great assistance to me throughout the entire process. When they brought me on, Alex wanted me to get familiar with what to look for in a lead. So instead of throwing me right into pitching, he had me generate leads for the more experienced salespeople. He then would have me shadow his pitches to clients. From shadowing I was able to pick up on a lot of the skills required to attain a contract. Once I felt up to the challenge of pitching to clients, my supervisors allowed me to do so. The process to pitching to clients was gradual but effective for my growth in my position with the company.

Once I began pitching, Alex made sure to give me tips from what he was able to observe. He was a great help in improving my ability to not only pitch to clients but to create a relationship with the clients. One important lesson I have learned in my time in my position is that no client is going to be contracted unless you have their best interest in mind. Something else I learned is that confidence is key. No one wants a product or service from a salesperson that seems unsure of themselves. The lessons I have learned in my months working at Law First have been invaluable to my growth in not only sales but as a professional.

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