HTML for Dummies

Landing Page Mock

During my interview for Fox Chase Cancer Center one of my interviewers asked if I had ever designed a webpage. I told her I hadn’t but would use the resources available to me to help me redesign their existing page. These resources have come in the form of professors, classmates, and Google. They have been incredible tools. My supervisor, Cheryl, has been very encouraging and excellent at providing feedback on my mock-ups. This experience has helped me grow as a designer and challenged me. Overcoming these challenges has given me confidence.

One thing that has slightly tarnished said confidence, however, is HTML and CSS. One of the graphic designers at Fox Chase Cancer Center has been a particularly good resource. A recent graduate herself, she continually emphasizes how important it is to know website coding as a designer. The IT team at FCCC has briefly shown me the back-end workings of the website. I will definitely take her advice and educate myself about coding.


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