I <3 Harmelin

This summer I have been serving as an intern at Harmelin Media in Bala Cynwyd. Harmelin is a full service media planning and buying company. It is one of the largest independent media agencies in the country! 

This is my first internship since high school. So, I was quite nervous as the start date approached up until the first week was completed. However, everyone who works at Harmelin is a genuinely nice person. They are very laid back but also extremely hard working. They are more than willing to help interns with any questions or concerns we have, and have been inviting us to sit in on client meetings since day one. 

My direct supervisor is a great leader. She is friendly, intelligent, hard working, and stylish too! All of the tasks she has given me are important aspects of big, upcoming projects. On top of allowing me to work with her, she is teaching me about the various software programs and day to day duties completed by Harmelin employees. I was unsure of whether I wanted to be a planner or a buyer. After working with her over these past few weeks she has inspired me to pursue the planning aspect. I like coming up with ideas and strategies as opposed to negotiating them.

Within these past few weeks I have learned so much, but I know it is just the tip of the iceberg. Every day, I am there I want to keep chipping away at it! 

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  1. Nicholas,

    Congratulations on your internship! It’s great that you are enjoying it and have discovered a passion for what you are doing. I am happy to say that I can relate to your experience. I have been working at LevLane Advertising the past couple of weeks and I love it. I was a little nervous coming into it, for it is my first internship, but everyone has been so welcoming and friendly. My supervisor has also been a great leader and so helpful with learning the process and software here. I feel as though I have learned so much, but am excited to see what else is in store!

    Best wishes and good luck,

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