I am currently a social media intern at Bradford Media Group in West Chester, PA. As an intern I work on Twitter and Google+ everyday. Which can get a little boring, but recently myself and my fellow interns received our own project to run and organize. Bradford Media runs the Facebook and Twitter page for the West Chester, PA community and currently have a ‘I love West Chester’ campaign going on. They post events going on in the area, share restaurant tips, etc. So for our project we were to think of an idea for the West Chester Community to participate in. We came up with a QR Code hunt that ties into the current campaign going on now. There would be a golden QR code somewhere in the town and all during the week we would give clues to where to find the QR code. Once you scan the QR code with your smart phone it will reveal a prize that is offered from the QR code location. We were all pretty excited to get the ball rolling on a real life campaign that we planned. Once we submitted our idea to get reviewed though we hit a wall. There are some factors that go into the campaign that were out of our hands to work out, like a budget. So our supierious are currently working on that now. I am excited to see this play out, this is the first time an idea I came up with will actually come to life! But for right now, we wait. I’ll keep you posted on the outcome. Hopefully within the coming weeks we will get the ball rolling again.