I LOVE the High School Advertising Workshop

Teaching has never been an option for me. For starters, I have always been told that I am the worst teacher in the world. The simple task of teaching someone how to do something I do every day was always a challenging task for me. Also, I have never had any formal experience actually teaching people. Going into Palumbo Academy to teach students a topic that I myself was learning about was a huge deal. How was I ever going to pull this off? Yeah, I know I had the support of my classmates who may be better teachers than I am, but I still needed to pull my own weight within the program. How was I ever going to do this?

The High School Advertising Workshop opened many doors for me. First and foremost, I overcame that fear of not being able to teach anyone anything. Teaching is now a possibility for me. Working with these students, collaborating with them to reach a specific goal, was more rewarding than I had ever expected it to be. Seeing the outcome of all of our hard work was well worth facing my fear of teaching. Also, I now have even more experience within the advertising industry. Not only did we teach the logistics of advertising but we applied it by creating an integrated marketing campaign for the Phillies. Not only did the students learn, but so did we as teachers.

This program is genius to me. Advertising isn’t a field that is highly publicized for the world to know about. Most people interact with advertisements all the time but don’t realize that there are opportunities behind them. Also, many students within the Philadelphia school system need the opportunity to have these doors open for them, which this workshop does. I learned a lot and I look forward to continuing helping this program flourish into something bigger than anyone expected.

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