I loved the atmosphere at Rossi…

Being a part of a young, expanding company means a lot of things. It means that if and when it grows, you get to grow with it and be a valuable part of the team. It also means the environment would typically lend itself to a more relaxed, casual atmosphere. This was one of my favorite parts about working at Rossi. While I am very serious about my work and never procrastinate on the job, I’ve always been slightly intimidated and unsettled by that “corporate” atmosphere. The 9-5 job, where you have to punch in every morning and everyone is near the bottom of the food chain. It happens to a lot of people.

However, while I was working at Rossi Wellness Center, I was one of only a few people who knew anything about graphic design, advertising, marketing and web development. I was given a lot of creative freedom, liberties and flexible work time because of my role in the company. These luxuries would definitely not be available had I worked for a larger company. By being the one “responsible” and “in charge” of these tasks also makes me much more alert about getting the job done and making sure it’s done right.

Overall, I realized that this is the type of job I’d like to have down the line. I am very wary about going into a large corporate environment, such as an ad agency, because of my limitations. I like to work with smaller groups and be a bigger fish in a smaller pond. At Rossi, I got a chance to experience what that was like. Thankfully, I’ll still be working at Rossi a little while after my internship class is over to finish some of the projects we’ve developed.

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