My name is Nate Morris, and in November, I was so lucky as to stumble upon an up and coming fashion boutique called JBIER. I was even luckier in that they hired me as an intern. I was enamored with everything JBIER stood for. Fashion is truly about self expression, and passion should always be involved in the work you are doing. Throughout my time with JBIER, I learned about the industry, took a leadership role, made content, worked with analytics, and most importantly, worked with an incredible and collaborative team. I’m extremely grateful for Jessica Bierman and the entire JBIER team that made me feel so at home and heard over the last five months.

Going into this role, I was honestly very nervous. I had worked with social media before, but was rather new to content creation, and even more so fashion as an industry. I’ve always appreciated fashion, and respected it as an art form, but it was more or less removed from my life seriously until I started with JBIER. I remember thinking that there were probably 10, 20, hundreds of candidates more suited for this role than me, and that thought made me anxious and unsure.

As it turns out, these feelings were temporary and entirely self inflicted. My peers and supervisor at JBIER were incredible, and they never saw me as anything less because of my lack of industry knowledge. As my confidence grew, I felt more and more in touch with and knowledgeable in the space, and even ended up doing some industry specific tasks, such as writing product descriptions for some of the company’s men’s items.

This internship experience will stick with me not only because of the concrete knowledge I gained, the transmutable skills that I developed, or the people I have met through the company; this internship will stick with me because I know now that I’m capable of jumping into something so new and unfamiliar and loving every minute of it. Not everything in my professional or personal career will be natural or certain, but I now have the utmost confidence that I will excel in whatever may come my way. The real world experience is unlike anything I had previously experienced academically, and there is probably no substitute that could take its place.