I Never Thought That I Would Work In Fashion

My name is Nate Morris, and in November, I was so lucky as to stumble upon an up and coming fashion boutique called JBIER. I was even luckier in that they hired me as an intern.

My name is Nate Morris, and in November, I was so lucky as to stumble upon an up and coming fashion boutique called JBIER. I was even luckier in that they hired me as an intern. I was enamored with everything JBIER stood for. Fashion is truly about self expression, and passion should always be involved in the work you are doing. Throughout my time with JBIER, I learned about the industry, took a leadership role, made content, worked with analytics, and most importantly, worked with an incredible and collaborative team. I’m extremely grateful for Jessica Bierman and the entire JBIER team that made me feel so at home and heard over the last five months.

Going into this role, I was honestly very nervous. I had worked with social media before, but was rather new to content creation, and even more so fashion as an industry. I’ve always appreciated fashion, and respected it as an art form, but it was more or less removed from my life seriously until I started with JBIER. I remember thinking that there were probably 10, 20, hundreds of candidates more suited for this role than me, and that thought made me anxious and unsure.

As it turns out, these feelings were temporary and entirely self inflicted. My peers and supervisor at JBIER were incredible, and they never saw me as anything less because of my lack of industry knowledge. As my confidence grew, I felt more and more in touch with and knowledgeable in the space, and even ended up doing some industry specific tasks, such as writing product descriptions for some of the company’s men’s items.

This internship experience will stick with me not only because of the concrete knowledge I gained, the transmutable skills that I developed, or the people I have met through the company; this internship will stick with me because I know now that I’m capable of jumping into something so new and unfamiliar and loving every minute of it. Not everything in my professional or personal career will be natural or certain, but I now have the utmost confidence that I will excel in whatever may come my way. The real world experience is unlike anything I had previously experienced academically, and there is probably no substitute that could take its place.


  1. Hey Nate! Really lovely piece here. I totally get the feeling of being introduced to an industry you’re not knowledgeable about and being shocked by how much you enjoy it! Fashion is something I’m very passionate about and it’s really cool you landed there without knowing how much you would end up flourishing. Hope everything’s going well for you now and you still enjoy the path you took!

  2. Hey Nathan! This is a well written and easy to understand post. I like how you kept mentioning that this internship experience has given you the confidence needed to jump into a new, unfamiliar task. I felt the same way starting my internship, I felt like I needed someone by my side at all times to ensure I do not make mistakes. But like you said, having a team that you can get in touch with and a team that will give you a solid foundation for the industry you are in, is extremely helpful. I also enjoyed reading about how you never imagined yourself workin gin the fashion industry, it goes without saying that there are endless opportunities in the world of advertising/marketing.

  3. Hey Nate! This was such a great summary of your internship experience. Your passion for the industry shines through your writing. I was opposite of you when it came to content creation. Going into my internship I was strong in content creation but the action of posting and managing social media accounts was not my strong suit. It was more than comforting to hear that you grew into your position and you needed time. When we test our limits and comfort levels by doing something like an internship in fashion, like you did, we come to grow. Growth in who we are as people and growth in our education are the main goals of these internship experiences. You tackled both of those and you were able to inform all of us of this great experience you had. Great work, best of luck next semester!

  4. Hi Nate! I think it’s so funny to hear your amazement around never knowing you would ever work in the fashion industry, and how much you are loving it! It’s great to hear that your co-workers and supervisors made it easy for you to adjust and treated you with respect having been new to the fashion scene. You never know what an experience may turn into, and what amazing positives you may learn along the way. Excited to see where this confidence and determination in this field will take you in your career!

  5. Hi Nate. I really enjoyed reading you post and hearing about your experience at your internship thus far. Thank you for sharing your experience. I can tell you that I have totally related to the feeling of being intimidated or nervous about taking on a new job. At my current job, when I was interviewing, I remember having the thought that I didn’t want the job and hoped they would pass over me. I couldn’t understand why I had that thought when it had every aspect I wanted in a job, but when I really asked myself what was going on I realized I was just scared of the unknown. New is daunting! But new is also great I’ve learned. I think going forward I now know when to ask myself what the real reasoning is behind my thoughts rather than taking them as face value.

  6. Hi Nathan!
    I really enjoyed and appreciated reading your post. It was very interesting to hear your experience with JBIER. I am happy for you that you received more fashion experience, as I know it is a very niche industry! Fashion is also something that I am very passionate about. I love that anyone can express themselves and feel good in what they wear. Having also had an internship with Philly Fashion Week, I know how stressful and anxiety filled it can be to work with something you never have before. Because Temple does not have any fashion majors, I also felt like I lacked knowledge in the industry besides my own inspiration. It was very nice to learn how the fashion world works in Philly and make some connections. Hopefully you can carry on the skills you have learned about fashion in the future! Your post was positive and inspiring regarding a field that can be intimidating. Are you going to continue with this company or the fashion industry in the future?

  7. Hi Nathan!
    Really enjoyed reading your piece- it sounds like you had a very fulfilling internship. It’s great to hear that your anxieties were eased by your coworkers and team. Having my first internship this semester, I also know how it felt when first starting an internship as well as being reassured as you began working. It’s great to hear that you pushed yourself to take initiative with more responsibility in your internship. It’s really cool to hear that you were able to dive into fashion and grow a compassion for it through your internship.

  8. Hi there Nathan!

    I am happy to hear that you had a great experience at JBIER. Isn’t it great when you work with an amazing team that allows for your growth and treats you like a member of their team?! I had a very similar experience at both my internships and it really does grow your confidence in this realm. I could only imagine working/interning at a fashion brand or company. I am big into fashion myself and looking into break into the content creation space for fun; maybe there’s some pointers you could give me. I hope I get as lucky as you to be enter this space and it be just as fulfilling and impactful as yours. I am excited for what you will experience next. Keep up the great work!

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