This past week I completed my first week of my second internship at Maiden Media. Three words: I Love It! It’s a small shop tucked away in the chic-ness of Olde City but once you step inside you quickly realize there is nothing small about Maiden Media. A creative agency that focuses on digital media (websites, social media, and creative) Maiden Media is for those who thrive on hash tags, gifs,apps, trending topics and javascript. Initially, I was worried about how I would fit, but that quickly faded after the first few days.

I stated earlier that this is my second internship. My first internship just so happened to be in a big city at a big agency ie. New York City and Ogilvy & Mather. I wasted no time and cannon balled right into the ad industry, which I recommend everyone should try. I received the opportunity to do this through the 4As MAIP (Minority Advertising Internship Program). Coming from a huge internship so early, I learned a lot about myself and what I want for my career. Having the opportunity to intern at a small agency is big for me, because I am all about choices and finding the right fit for me. There is no one size fits all agency in advertising, think of it as a sushi bar.

My role among the Digital Natives is that of social media. I will be tweeting and facebooking my little heart out (not that I don’t already do that) for two of our clients. Being a social media intern is exciting for me because no one can truly say they are an expert in social media. Social media is a fickle creature, so I will be learning mostly as I go. This aspect is exciting for me.

For those who haven’t yet begun to intern  and even those who have pay close attention to the different types of ad agencies out there. Also pay close attention to yourself (what you like, your work style etc.). It’s ok to want to work on Madison Avenue, but it’s also ok if you don’t. We are in a creative industry, that demands creative thinking at all times. If your work place stifles your creativity, because it doesn’t fit you, you’ve lost your greatest asset already. Try a few different agency roles then, go where you feel the most creative!

My name is Alex and I am a graduating Senior majoring in Advertising (Copywriting track). I will be posting weekly updates of my internship life with a little advice for you guys as well! Feel free to ask me questions  and follow my daily adventures in this adworld on Twitter @ad_lexx.