Immersed in Digital Marketing

I’ve been working at Fame House LLC for the past couple months and am completely in love with the work that I am doing. Fame House is a digital marketing agency for musicians, records labels, and festival. They cover a range of offered services between digital marketing, branding, strategy, and more.

While Fame House is still considered a startup agency and only has around 20 employees total they are considered one of the best music digital marketing agencies on the east coast. I couldn’t imagine a better place to strength my skills in digital marketing.

The environment in the office is extremely laid back and very casual making it an extremely easy place to spend for multiple hours at time.

My role as an intern is to assist all departments within the agency whether it’s helping out the account managers with clients, helping create content and social media strategy for the digital marketing, or helping sort and package merchandise for the merchandising department.

Because I am able to help out in basically every department of the company I am getting an extremely good understanding of how digital marketing agencies are run.


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