Incentives Pay Off for Everyone!

Recently at my internship at ReminderMedia, all of the interns were given a set of standards that we are all at this point expected to meet each day while doing any given task. For example, people making sales calls are expected to either make ‘X’ amount of calls per day or be on the phone for ‘X’ amount of minutes per hour, or people doing data should have ‘X’ amount of contacts edited per hour, etc. Along with the introduction of these standards came the introduction of some incentives as well. One example of this would be that now at the end of each day, every employee that exceeded there given day’s standards gets their name put into a hat. At the end of each week, a name is drawn at random and that person gets a $50 dollar bonus in their next check. This week, I was the lucky winner! Another example would be like on somedays we come in there are individual contests set up. For instance, on Wednesday, we were informed that the person with the highest phone time at the end of the day would walk away with a $25 Wawa gift card.

Since the company introduced the interns to these small perks they have seen a big increase in everyone’s productivity. They have turned the work environment into a competitive one which takes away the monotony of some of our day to day tasks and gives us something to work toward. It is beneficial for them to uphold this kind of competitive environment in that the higher our productivity is, the more chances their company has to make money, and the more opportunities we open and money we make for them, the more we are rewarded, so it essentially ends up being a win-win situation.

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