Intern 101 Chapter I

It feels like just yesterday I started my internship @Harmelin Media.

I heard a lot of positive things about this place such as it is a good start for interning, people are in there are nice, etc.

Frankly speaking, I was so thrilled to start my internship at  this place, I even have these lists about things that I would do for this internship: I always try to come 15 minutes before my clock starts, always try to be proactive with the team, and try my best to learn as much as possible.

As the time goes by, I do learn more things about advertising especially about management. It was different from what I’ve expected because I experience things that in class I didn’t get it.

I learn more about media planning: about the different medium, various research tools that they use, invoices, and many more. I do like this job, even sometimes the jobs that given are tedious but I do understand what to expect  since I am a newbie in this job.

I learned that being too proactive isn’t always a good things, because people are busy with their work too. I learned that being a good observant and flexible as much as possible will help you to understand you environment; understand to find a good timing is the key. You have to be able to adjust yourself into their system because its just the way it is.

Having a big heart is a must, because they wouldn’t be able to help you anytime. Office environment is different from school, in the office they can’t help you every time because you are an adult, but it’s different in school, where teacher will kindly point your mistakes and tell you to fix it. Like Charles Darwin Says,“It’s not the strongest or the most intelligent who will survive but those who can manage change.”

Overall, I love this intern experience at Harmelin because I learned a lot of things that I can apply to my classes; It’s like a connecting a dot where little by little the dots are filled and connected

I wish that I could learn more about buying, because buying is a very challenging work that will keep me from being bored. In the future I would love to pursue a career on buying, but planning is also fun too.

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