Interning at 300 Entertainment is as epic as you’d think

Hi all,

My name is Colin and I’m a junior advertising major. This semester it was a blessing to have interned as a digital marketer at the record label 300 Entertainment. 300 is the home of big acts right now such as YNW Melly, Gunna, and Young Thug. They also have some indie/pop groups such as Drax Project & Cheat Codes

As I am writing this in the office as we speak, my time is officially ending in about two weeks from now. To begin with, this experience was a tough commute. Waking up very early to take the Megabus to New York City each Tuesday and Thursday was challenging at times but was well worth it for the connections and memories I have made in the office.

At 300, the label is a start-up company with only 30 employees or so, and the dynamic is set up in a way an employee is equivalent to about three other employees at another label or music industry job. So, this means that we were assigned tasks other than our designated position such as transcribing tracks, running on errands around the city, helping out with finding new acts to possibly sign, and the list goes on.

I would say the two most important things I’ve learned from this experience were deadlines and constructive criticism. I was given the opportunity to work on influencer posts on various platforms of social media, I was given a week to contact pages for promotion, create the post, and make sure they get paid. The first one I was assigned was the hardest, but soon after I got a rhythm down that made it much easier. And the constructive criticism comes with everything, everyone is not going to like what you do or see your vision, so my best advice is to take the advice and learn how to not make the same mistakes in the future.

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  1. Hey Colin! Sound like you had a super cool internship and gained a lot of valuable experience. I too found out that constructive criticism is super important and something that should be handled well. Congrats on a rewarding semester and best wishes for future opportunities!

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