Interning at a Record Label

I have been interning at a small record label in Center City named Jamie Records for the past semester.

My name is Karim and I am a Junior Advertising Major in the Account Management track here at Temple University. I have been interning at a small record label in Center City named, Jamie Records for the past semester. I believe that this experience has been extremely valuable to me. Before this, I had no experience in the music industry. After graduation, I plan to use the education I have gained at Temple to find a job within the music industry, so this internship has been extremely beneficial to me. While I knew that advertising and music went hand in hand, I never realized just how important advertising and promotion was within the music industry. I was extremely excited going into the internship and I am equally excited with the information I have gained and the opportunities that are going to be available to me with the connections I’ve made, as well as the knowledge I now have of the environment in which I hope to work one day. Something that I found very interesting was that, when I was having conversations with my boss, I felt very confident and felt like I could contribute to the success of this company by using lessons and ideas I learned in classes at Temple University. I could take specific advertising tactics or examples of different advertising that I learned about in classes, and use that information in the real world. I thought that was one of the cooler realizations I had during my time at this internship. I am grateful for this opportunity that I had and wouldn’t do it any differently if I could do it again.

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