Hi everyone! My name is Colin and I’m a Senior Advertising major here at Temple with a concentration in media planning. I decided to start my first internship at a small startup company, Pals Socks. My role as a Social Media marketer was definitely outside of my specific field, but I thoroughly enjoyed my experience.

Pals Socks is small startup company that has an underlying message that anyone can get behind. Pals Socks are purposefully mismatched socks designed to promote inclusivity and acceptance for the younger generation. The socks feature characters who may ordinarily not be friends, this is Pals way of making our daily existence happier, kinder, and more peaceful.

During my experience I found that it was extremely insightful being able to work directly with the owner. I was able to gain endless knowledge about the ins and outs of how a company operates first hand.

It was nice being able to get direct feedback and knowing my opinion mattered in decisions being made. I enjoyed being able to have my hands in all aspects of the business from social media, analyzing metrics, shipping orders, and creating content, etc.

Overall, I gained a lot of experience from various different aspects of the company. I enjoyed my time at Pals learning and gaining business experience. This internship helped me learn how a business functions, and about myself and how I work.