Interning at Cohere Media

Taking on this whole process almost immediately after I had started was pretty intimidating... but overall super rewarding.

As the accounts intern at the newly renovated Cohere Media (formerly At Media), I was invited to join my account executive mentor, Joe Buckshon, and CEO Antoinette Johnson on a trip to Wilmington, Delaware to experience the grand opening of the newest NextFab location. 

Prior to this, I had been working for weeks to set up the event. This included being a liaison between the client NextFab, and Cohere. I did everything from budgeting event costs, recommending and signing vendors, and even searching for hours on the internet to find a very rare blue “red carpet” for the VIP entrance. 

Taking on this whole process almost immediately after I had started was pretty intimidating. I barely knew anyone in the office at the time but was handling thousands of their client’s dollars. It made the headaches and anxiety all worth it when we finally arrived and I got to see all the vendors I had to repeatedly chase down arrive on time, and of course the rolling out of the elusive blue carpet. 

As someone who has never been to any sort of networking event, this was great because I was considered part of Cohere Staff, and the pressure of trying to introduce myself to strangers was relieved once they heard who I was with. Watching the work I put in for weeks all come together in a few short hours, to then be enjoyed by a massive crowd (including the governor and mayor of Delaware) was super rewarding.

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