Interning at Philly PR Girl During a Pandemic!

Interning at Philly PR Girl During a Pandemic!

This summer I received the opportunity and had the pleasure to intern with Philly PR Girl as their Graphic Design Assistant. This was my first ever internship, and I can proudly say that I am glad I started off with them and had a tremendous experience. Kate Marlys did an incredible job being organized and transitioning the whole team to being remote and doing everything from everyone different households.

This experience has taught me that I can have rules of what a specific design needs to contain, but I have full rein creatively and can truly express myself and art style through the graphics and images being made for our clients and our socials.

Within the field, I am now more determined to pursue becoming the art director/graphic designer for a PR firm. I enjoy having a variety of clients, creating a variety of different designs, and having a change of content I get to design daily.

Some positive aspects of the business I discovered from working with Philly PR Girl would be the team is so incredibly talented and supportive, the organization of the company is very impressive and helped keep me in a routine during the pandemic, and lastly I was uplifted when designing and critiqued constructively which helped me learn and grow.

Virtually meeting all of the girls on the team since we are in a pandemic, was different than I expected. Although I am not with them personally doing work, I feel as if they all have inspired me to still work hard, do my best. Our daily morning video calls are what I look forward to start my day on the right foot.

My  experience was everything I thought it would be and more. I learned so much, met great people, and found out more about myself as a designer. During these few months, I grew professionally and as an artist. By constantly creating 3x a week, I was being exposed to new tools, ideas, and put to new tests daily which pushed me to be better.

I definitely gained more confidence during this experience and truly believe this internship was meant for me and helped me more than I think the girls know and hope to work with them in the future if they will have me.

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  1. Hi Jamie Zumpino,
    I got my first internship during a pandemic, and it was unusual with me working from home, but very educational. I’m glad to know that you were inspired, and able to gain confidence during this troublesome time. Good luck with everything.

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